Several retired East Texas educators met with other state educators in Austin, to rally against any changes to their retirement pensions and voucher program.

"This is an attack on public education and disrespect to the people who educate our children." Longview ISD Superintendent James Wilcox said.

Many teachers say State Legislators have not funded their pensions, causing their healthcare premiums to significantly increase.

"My husband and I have gone from a $100 to $550 dollars for healthcare." Retired educator Beth Bassatt said. "I was promised a pension and deserve to be honored for my work."

I spoke with District 1 State Senator Bryan Hughes about his constituents concerns. "There will be no changes to any teacher pensions, we will add funding to the system." Senator Bryan Hughes said. "I want to ensure everyone that their pensions are safe."

With the current concerns over pensions and the voucher program, teachers tell me it is becoming difficult to attract high quality teachers.

The voucher program would take away public school money. "Parents would be able to send their children to a private school or church school, taking away the limited money we receive. Superintendent Wilcox said. "There would be no separation of church and state.

Senator Hughes encourages anyone with concerns to contact him.

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