One can tell it's homecoming season at Robert E. Lee High School when it appears students and people around are having a party. The band performances, drill team dances and cheerleader students are all part of the show.

The high school kicked off homecoming with a pep rally, along with a week of events, leading to the big game, Friday night. For Harley Williamson, homecoming is described to be bitter-sweet. This year is her first homecoming as an alumnae.

"I definitely miss Friday night lights," Williamson said. "That was the most fun I've ever had in all four years of high school."

Williamson's version of homecoming, being bitter-sweet, is something similar for students Bethany Rocha and Mercedes Ojeda. This would be considered their last homecoming as high school seniors. To Rocha, she said high school has been a contribution to her growing up.

"...this has been a huge part for me in my development as a person, as a student," Rocha said.

Her best-friend Ojeda said she's "excited to see the where the next chapter of my life holds."

The year, 'going big' is how the two seniors are approaching their last year at Robert E. Lee. Lee will go up against the Mesquite Horn, Friday.