Deputies in Rusk County are warning drivers of a dangerous carjacking scheme that has made its way to East Texas.

They say it happens when a vehicle follows you closely, the driver then flashes their lights at you and motions for you to pull over. Those who do pull over, end up robbed and left stranded on the side of the road.

Deputies say it can happen to anyone. Early Wednesday morning, someone attempted carjacking an off-duty Rusk County Sheriff's Deputy.

"I tapped my break lights wanting him to back off,” said Sergeant David Roberts. “At that time, he turned his bright lights on and just kept on flashing them on me, wanting me to pull over."

Sergeant Roberts handles stressful situations regularly, but even he says he didn't see it coming. "The bright lights in my rear-view mirror. They blind you, and that caught me off guard."

Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price tells me similar incidents have been reported in Dallas and Fort Worth, but he worries they will become more common in East Texas.

"It may take a few years but whatever you see happening in large communities always filters down into the smaller communities eventually," said Sheriff Price.

Sheriff Price says the best line of defense is staying vigilant and always being aware of your surroundings.

"Whether they are intoxicated, whether they're meaning to do harm or they have a psychological or mental issue going on, there is something not right so you need to pay attention," said Sheriff Price.

If this happens to you, Sheriff Price says the best thing to do is call 911 and keep driving towards the nearest town, until law enforcement can reach you.