Over 25 burglaries have occurred across Rusk County in the last three to four weeks.

The sheriff's office believes it is more than one burglar and they do not have a suspect description.

They say the burglars are getting in and out of people's homes in about 3 minutes. The suspects are taking TV's, game systems, laptops, even firearms; anything in plain view.

Sheriff Jeff Price says they are going to people's homes and knocking on the door, If someone answers, they leave. If no one answers, they go around back and kick down the door, grabbing what they can, and then leaving.

The Sheriff recommends going through the house taking pictures of all electronics, firearms and jewelry. On the electronics and firearms, make sure you get the serial number.

If your house is broken into, those numbers can be entered into a database which increases the chance those items will be recovered.

Sheriff Price asks for everyone to look after their neighbor at this time and to call 911 if you see suspicious behavior.