This morning, Rusk County held a property hearing for the horses. The county has made a deal with the owner to turn over his animal rights in exchange for a 1,685 dollar fee. This fee is to cover round-up and transportation.

His wife also agreed to relinquish her rights but she will be able to keep two horses as long as she pays the 361 dollar veterinarian bills.

"The horses will be given a better opportunity to live a better life," Rusk County Animal Cruelty Investigator Alishia Bammel says.

Both also had to waive their rights to appeal this decision. Now the horses are under the county's custody.

"We will start getting applications through the Rusk County Mounted Patrol," Rusk County Deputy Deena Brightwell says. "We will check each application to make sure they have adequate feed, water, place to put the horses, and somebody to take care of them.

Rusk County Deputies want the public to know, that if you do not take care of your animals, this situation can happen to you.