A Rusk restaurant will have customers feeling like they're in the Bayou City. All Star Bar-B-Q is decked out in Astros memorabilia.

From wall to ceiling, Russell Turner has his restaurant covered.

"I've always been an Astros fan, growing up outside of Houston."

He opened up the restaurant 25 years ago, and said he always had a love for baseball. That's when he decided to put the two together.

"Why don't I just put Astros stuff up? They've always been my favorite team. Once I started putting that stuff up, I probably became obsessed at that time," he said.

His wife Christy fully supports her husband's obsession.

She painted the restaurant's bathrooms -- showing some love to both new and old memorabilia.

"For a birthday present, I decided I would paint the bathrooms for him in different themes," she said.

Christy admits, she is just as big of a super fan as her husband, but she has a little more self control, remembering the time Russell give up eBay for lent.

Russell welcomes Rangers fans, but said it may come at a price.

"They can come here and eat. It's not a problem, but if they get rowdy, we have some picnic tables outside they're asked to sit at."

All in good fun, of course.