People driving along I-20 at night may have seen Santa Land's spectacular displays.

It's a dazzling drive-thru Christmas lights show in Tyler, that's helping East Texans get into the holiday spirit.

Filled with holiday cheer that's hard to resist, Santa Land brings loved ones together and new memories to cherish.

It takes folks on a winding ride through dazzling displays, made up of nearly 4 million lights. Santa Land works to remind people what's most important this holiday season.

"Christmas is a time for family and friends. You know, a lot of times our jobs take us away from all of that," said park owner Cindy Palmer.

Palmer and her husband have made the business a family affair, enlisting four generations to put it all together.

"It's just grown over the years and we just try to maintain and make it better every time." Palmer said.

According to Palmer, the idea first came to her parents in 1995. They visited similar attractions around the country and decided to create a park of their own, complete with an outdoor movie area, gift shop and photos with Santa.

"We kind of feed off of each other. As we're working together as a team, we'll all just start talking about know, what we should do next year? Then that's how it's all born."

Palmer said her family's Santa Land was the first of its kind in East Texas. But, it takes a lot of work to maintain.

"A lot of folks think we just flip lights off and go on vacation...then when Christmas comes, we just flip the lights back on and its just not really like that."

It's hard work they don't mind. Unlike most jobs, Santa Land brings Palmer's family closer together.

"We invite everybody up here and we all load up on the trailer. So, we're all working it the same time. We're all socializing, having a good time."

It's something she said people of all ages look forward to every year.

"Rain or shine, no matter the weather. Some people think if it rains, y'all going to be open tonight? We're always open, doesn't matter," Palmer said.

They're helping East Texans make memories one season at a time.

Santa Land runs until January 4th, 2018. For park hours and directions, visit the company's Facebook page.