In a press release, the San Antonio Police Department has announced punishments for the officers that put on "Make America Great Again" hats for pictures with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In the statement, SAPD Chief William McManus lays out the consequences:

-Six supervisors will be issued a written reprimand
-Seventeen officers will be provided written counseling
-officers involved will receive training on impartiality and fairness

In the statement, McManus said, in part:

"[SAPD] is dedicated to the citizens that we serve. Our mission is to treat all people with integrity, compassion, fairness, and respect. The recent actions by the officers assigned to the escort detail for the presidential candidate are inconsistent with our guiding principals... As Chief of Police, I understand the concerns over this incident. Beyond violating Departmental and City policy, the officers used poor judgment. San Antonio Police Officers have always and will always remain dedicated to professionally serving all citizens. We will continue to work tirelessly to remain a national model for police agencies across the country."