Social media holds a lot of power, and often times, it's the negative posts that get more of the attention.

One East Texas woman has made it her mission to use her social media power for good, by asking her Facebook friends to help save Christmas for some struggling East Texas families.

It started with a post from a single mother on an East Texas Facebook group asking for help to have presents under the tree for her children this Christmas holiday.

Mary took it upon herself to sponsor the mother and her kids.

After seeing the overwhelming need throughout her community, Mary sought the help of her Facebook friends to sponsoring other families in need.

"I realized I can't do this by myself, I need some help," Mary said.

Soon, she was flooded with messages offering help and sponsorship for families in need.

People from all over East Texas, are helping others in their community through a common struggle during the holiday season.

Over 30 families with 84 children were sponsored and will be able to have a lovely Christmas thanks to the social media connection and generosity from East Texans.