Service dogs are used to treat veterans and those with disabilities, but one school in Bullard is taking it to the classroom. At Bullard Early Childhood Center, special needs children are learning quicker thanks to the addition of Fuchsia.

"She's truly their best friend," said teacher and owner of the black lab, Stacey Odom.

With constant petting, touching and playing, the pup keeps her cool, and she's been at it for three years.

"If there was a personality trait to a dog - a human personality trait - she would probably be patient and kind," Odom said.

Fuchsia came to Bullard about three years ago, and Odom said she is the first service dog for a district in the state. She said the award is apparent each day.

"A companion for some kids who don't make friends easily is so special for them and their parents," she said.

Odom said the pup helps with autistic children better than humans can. She said a lot of children with autism have sensory overload meltdowns, and the pup can sense it.

Fuchsia is from Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit that provides highly trained assistance dogs to all ages at no charge. For information, call 1-800-572-BARK.