A family mourns several house pets, including a parrot, dogs and a cat after a fire in their home that occurred around 9 p.m. Saturday night at the 500 Block of East 5th Street.

According to Paul Findley at the Tyler Fire Department, heavy smoke and fire was reported upon the arrival of the first fire unit.

Fire crews entered the house and contained the damage to the rear of the home rather quickly.

The blaze seemed to have began in an enclosed breezeway that was between the back door of the kitchen and a two-car garage behind the house that faced south.

In that breezeway, fire crews noted that a window unit air conditioner and an oscillating fan were operating.

Officials from the Tyler Fire Department the deceased pets most likely died from smoke inhalation.

Two occupants that were the only ones in the home were able to escape the blaze safely.

An exact cause has not yet been determined.