The death of a Rusk County man who vanished back in August has been ruled a suicide.

The body of Oscar Dono was identified on Wednesday after police found him dead late last month.

Now his family can begin to heal; but there are several other East Texans who have disappeared in the past few months and still haven't been found.

Dono's body was found in a wooded area just miles from his home, but for nearly two months his family had no idea what happened to him.

Tonight, they have answers, but not all families get that closure.

"We just kept running into one thing after the other and none of the leads were going anywhere," Rusk Co. Sheriff Jeff Price said.

Oscar Armando Dono had been missing since Aug. 17. He was last seen at his home and left without any of his personal belongings.

His family searching desperately for him, his mother asking the public for help.

Weeks ago, Dono was found just miles from his home, but it wasn't until today that he was finally identified and through dental records.

The medical examiner determined he committed suicide.

But several East Texans are still missing.

"Missing person case is a very difficult to solve because there's usually not much evidence involved in a missing person case,” Price said.

Terry Wayne Evans of Marion County was last seen at Lake O the Pines. He's been missing since July 16.

The Marion County Sheriff David McKnight told CBS 19 "we've exhausted all resources... We've put out feelers and still have posters up around town and we're coming up with no information."

"The case is still open and active and we can and will pursue any leads that come up,” McKnight said in a phone interview.

The case of pregnant Sheryia Grant, missing since Aug. 20. She was last seen in Kilgore and is still missing weeks after her due date.

The Kilgore Police Department re-classified the search for grant from a missing person case to a criminal investigation.

"I believe Kilgore may have had some evidence turn out that led to believe that they may have found play involved,” Price.

Steven Miller Fleisher of Longview is also still missing as of Sept. 14.

"Every case is unique you have to look at all the different angles really what was going on in that person's life at the time what did you have with him when he left was he upset distraught having any kind of family problems emotional problems financial problems…,” Price said.

If you have any information on any of these missing people you are urged to contact police.