Two Texas High School football teams were looking for their first win. The Marshall Mavericks were looking to recover from their loss to Longview. However, the Shadow Creek Sharks, from Pearland were playing their first game after the destruction of Harvey.

The Mavericks were 0-2 and the head coach, Claude Mathis, said it was a win they needed. To Shadow Creek, it was a chance to find out how they are as a team. Football brought these two teams together for Friday Night Lights, both teams felt the pressure to win.

"People say we're supposed to blow them out, that's not the case." Claude Mathis said. "This is a trap team I think, they're very good."

This could've been the first win for the Mavericks. Going against Marshall was supposed to be third game for Shadow Creek. To "football moms" like Shannon Marshall, their first game is a chance to escape the reality waiting for them back home. She expressed how she was excited to enjoy a night of football, after being 'stuck in the house for four days'.

"Just getting your mind off of that [Harvey] even for just one evening, it's just an amazing opportunity," Marshall said.

For four quarters, football is all that matters. As for the team who achieved their first 'W'. Shadow Creek bested the Marshall Mavericks, 28 to 21.