Every year, thousands of Texans are arrested for marijuana possession. Several people in East Texas want it to be legalized.

Our Facebook post about the recent marijuana walk showed several different opinions on legalization.

“As legal as alcohol is, go for it. Can't be intoxicated in public. Have fun. Be responsible. – Allison McGree wrote.

“Treat it the same as alcohol as far as purchase, and public consumption and ramifications for violations for dui.- David Morgan says.

Others say their worried Texas would turn into Colorado. A state that legalized the drug in 2012.

My brother lives in Colorado. He has seen what legalized marijuana can do to society. More people living on the streets for starters.- Tawnya Northen says.

Regardless if you support it or not, marijuana does have effects on the body. Medical professionals say they vary for each person but have seen addictions from age seven to 77.

"You have low motivation, anxiety problems, depression, it starts to mimic all types of mental health disorders,” Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Lewis Wright says. “The reason why people chose to smoke is to escape life.”

Wright considers weed a gateway drug to other addictions, because of the possibility of other drugs being put into it.

"I've had patients who swore the only thing they use is marijuana and they tested positive for meth, cocaine,” Wright says. “It's whatever the dope dealer put in the marijuana is what they're ingesting.

Marijuana advocates tell me smoking should be a choice

"If you don't own your body who does," Advocate Joel Gardner says.

The debate over legalization will continue but as of now weed remains illegal in Texas.