Sixth graders at All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler are taking the lead on rebuilding part of their own school. Earlier this month, CBS19 shared several models students built, and on Tuesday, they presented them to Head of the School Mike Cobb.

"Students kept asking if they'd really see their creations built," Cobb said. "We had to tell them, "yes". If you solve real world problems, of course we're going to use your solution."

Sixteen groups of sixth graders presented models for a new early education learning center playground. The current playground is too small for the student body.

Cobb made sure to ask about safety and exact measurements, making sure the students' ideas were well thought out and ready to execute.

While each group wants to win, the final product with be a collaborative effort. Cobb said he will pick different components from each group, as long as they fit the criteria.

"Understanding" the math. Having to come out here and measure. Thinking about safety has real world relevance to them," he said.

From here, Cobb said there will be a "white board session," where students will come together on creating a final product.

The remodeling phase will begin in June and continue through the summer of 2018.

"It's going to be amazing when they actually get to watch their own classmates and kids at the school using what they designed," Cobb said.