SMITH CO. - Smith county roads stretch for more than 10 thousand miles, but not all of its issues are brought to light. County road 1325 is just one of the roads with issues. It's close to where Anne Myers lives who said the road is filled with potholes. Myers said some of the major roads get more attention.

"Several others have major pot holes that haven't been filled and what ones have been filled come out again very quickly," Myers said.

On another side of town, Taylor Holland said he's seen his fair share of rough roads. The intersection on Noonday road and Grande concern him. In his words, the roads have been deteriorating since 2003.

"The streets have never been resurfaced and the whole time we've been there, they've been patched and patched," Holland said.

The Smith County Commissioners said some of the roads were laid out in during the 1980s and at the time it was built - it was for agriculture, not residential. Residents told CBS 19 county roads: 167, 178 and 1204 are the worst with potholes and traffic issues. Frank David the Smith county engineer said the roads need to be widen and rebuilt to handle heavier traffic.

While people in East Texas do understand maintaining county roads can be costly. However, Anne Myers it would be nice to see patch work not coming apart.