Officials with the Smith County Sheriff's Office are working to support their comrades in need Friday, organizing a blood drive in honor of one of their own who will undergo surgery next month.

Smith County Detective Sherman Dollison is expected to receive a new kidney from fellow Detective Josh Hill in August.

This, after Dollison learned his kidney was failing due to injuries he sustained during a deadly shooting at the Smith County Courthouse in 2005.

A gunman opened fire outside the courthouse, killing two people and injuring four others, including Detective Dollison.

Fellow Detective Nikki Keegan organized Friday's blood drive in partnership with Carter BloodCare. Keegan said she wanted to help in any way she could.

"He's a super positive guy and never complains, never asks for help or says anything. So, we didn't really know about his kidney issue until August when he found out. Then it was kind of, lets see whatever we could do," Keegan said.

Detective Keegan also said she wanted to make sure there was an ample supply of blood in case her comrades or anyone else in the community needed it.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office is also accepting monetary donations for Detective Dollison and his family.
For more information, visit the Smith County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.