Smith County Emergency Services District #2 is asking for the public’s opinion on opening a new fire station in the far northwest part of the county.

A public meeting will be held January 27 at 6 p.m. It will be hosed at the Jamestown Church of Christ.

Charles Wilson, the vice president of Smith County Emergency Services District #2 said he hopes neighbors in the area will show up to the meeting and express their opinions.

Currently, the area is serviced by Van, Mineola and Lindale fire departments.

Wilson said these departments do a good job of covering the area, but due to distance, response times are slower than he would like.

He said by having a centrally located fire station, response times will be much faster.

"A quick response is a big thing of having a fire department there centered mutual between all the areas up there," said Wilson. "Time means something when you have fires."

At this time, Wilson said he does not have a timetable of when the new station could open.