Class is back in session on Thursday and will likely have little impact on Tyler area students.

Tyler ISD officials said they do not expect students to have to make up the snow days at the end of the year and that any spring Measures of Academic Progress testing students missed this week can easily be made up throughout the next few weeks. The MAP tests help teachers assess what areas students need to work on ahead of STAAR testing.

Superintendent Marty Crawford said the academic calendar no longer goes by days of instruction, but rather minutes. With enough minutes built in over the course of the year, students won’t have to worry about extra days at the end of the year. Crawford said it is possible that certain employees might have to make up days if they haven’t fulfilled the amount of days they are contracted for.

The University of Texas at Tyler and Tyler Junior College, both of which were set to begin spring semesters Tuesday, will begin their semesters a few days late, but said the impact to students would be minimal.

UT Tyler Director of Communications Beverley Golden said students will be able to swap or add classes through the end of the day on Thursday and that financial aid disbursements will begin to be processed as soon as staff is back on campus.

Golden said the campus officials will be available Thursday to help students with any concerns.