In East Texas, snow doesn't fall every day, some like it and others could live without it. Regardless, experts say staying ahead of it can help you stay safe and save money.

First let's talk about insulating your house. Cold air can come thorugh windows especially for older homes.

"Sheets, blankets, towels, just something to hold over the window hole so the glass is not directly exposed into the window of the house," Preparation Specialist Tom Mitchell says.

Mitchell has spent 10 years working at Hometown Hardware in Longview. He says insulating your house can be very dangerous.

"Propane and other combustibles should not be used in the inside of the house unless they are properly vented," Mitchell tells me.

He recommends using electric heaters that have an automatic shutoff.

SWEPCO recommends changing your furnace filters every month. This helps protect your furnace from damage and improve its heat production.

Also, If you use a programmable thermostat, lower the thermostat during the day when no one is home and even lower overnight while you are sleeping.

Finally, unless it is equipped specifically for home heating, use your fireplace sparingly. Warm air escapes through the chimney.

If severe weather causes your power to go out then think of using gas heaters. But don’t forget about protecting your pet outside.

"The handiest thing is a heat lamp, a 2500-watt heat lamp that will do a good deal of temperature change for their doghouse"

A tip for your driveway and sidewalk is putting salt on them. Salt can help stop ice, if conditions are too dangerous stay home.

"East Texas being what it is and our drivers not being experts in driving in these conditions, the safest answer is leave your ca in the driveway," Mitchell says.

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