KILGORE - Sheaira Grant used to stop by the local Chicken Express to get some food and see her sister Sheryia while she was working there. Since Grant's disappearance, the restaurant has her missing signs taped to the windows along with a message that reads "Praying for Sheryia" on the marquee.

What's left of Grant's things were destroyed when their house mysteriously caught on fire after she went missing. A month has passed and her Sheaira she can't help but feel lost.

"My family, everyday day every night we ain't forget about her," Grant said. "I don't want nobody to forget my sister. She's still missing"

Everything in their house, was destroyed by the fire.

"We lost every thing, started with Sheryia and then we lost the house," Grant said.

Even though it's been more than a month and the pregnant 20 year old's due date has already passed. Investigators said they're confident Grant's sister will be found. Grant said she believes the police are doing what they can, but the family need more help to bring her and her baby girl home.

"The community should be more involved," Grant said. "Spreading the word, anything that's positive or that'll help with the situation."

Grant admitted that staying hopeful is very difficult the longer her sister and niece are missing. She said there are so many questions left unanswered.

"When the time is right the truth will come out and what happens in the dark will come to the light," Grant said.

Grant's family still has the 5 thousand dollar reward to the person who has information leading to Sheryia's whereabouts.

The Gregg County crime stoppers said the longer Grant is missing, the harder it is to solve the case.