If you haven't already done so, it might be time to think about items you need to stock up on to get through the next few days.

David Davis, a pharmacist at Drug Emporium says they've been more busy that usual.

"People calling, wanting to make sure they've got plenty of their prescription medications in stock, so we are working with them to be sure that if their refills are due, that we are getting their refills to them today." Davis said.

That's not the only thing people are stocking up on. Batteries, bottled water, and food are also on the list.

Shoppers were grabbing bread, milk, and eggs. Staples that they don't want to run out of.

Others were also making sure they had food for their fur babies back at home.

One item that was a big hit.. the Girl Scout cookies for sale, right outside the store.

Mackenzie Murphee said with the extra traffic due to the storm she's made almost 150 sales.