The U.S. Military has over 1.3 million men and women on active duty, and more than 450,000 of them stationed overseas. That's 450,000 who might not get to spend the holidays with their family.

Bradshaw Cattle Co. are working with Soldiers' Angels to help those overseas feel the joy of the holiday spirit by filling stockings to send to them.

Donation items include:

  • Slim Jims or Beef Jerky
  • Packages of Holiday nuts
  • Single serving drink mix packets (i.e. Crystal Light)
  • Playing cards
  • Puzzle book (Crosswords, Sudoku, Word Find)
  • Holiday themed writing pens or pencil
  • Holiday candy (in sealed wrapping or small unopened bags)
  • Candy Canes
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Socks
  • Travel sized games
  • Card games (Uno, Phase 10)
  • Stress balls (holiday themed preferred)
  • Gloves (preferably black; winter; one size fits all)
  • Single serving cookie packages
  • Apple cider packets
  • Hot chocolate
  • Small notepads
  • Holiday-themed lip balm (wrapping and scent)
  • Caps (warm winter)
  • Other holiday themed items

Channing Winblad and John Heiderstadt with Bradshaw Cattle Co. want to send not only the items above, but more importantly handwritten letters.

“Really what we’re looking for is a handwritten letter at the least, our goal is to put a handwritten letter in every stocking because that’s what our soldiers really appreciate the most, the hot chocolate and beef jerky are great and they help them feel better during the holidays but what really helps is encouragement from home.” said Winblad.

Items including handwritten letters can be dropped off at the Austin Bank in Van, Texas. If you want to be included in the drop off locations, contact The East Texas, Bradshaw Cattle Co. location at 405-240-1813.