Mustangs, Camaros, and Chargers all have one thing in common they go very fast. Many say Longview roads are becoming race tracks, with people forgetting about safe driving.

"It makes me angry because not only are they putting their own lives in danger but intentionally putting the lives of other people in danger," Longview resident Hope Echols says.

Echols and her husband have seen and heard racing near their house on Highway 259.

"Makes the people driving down the roads not want to drive because they are fearful they might get into an accident," Echols says.

Shannon Stone, general manager at One Stop Automotive, helps many people build their dream car. He says the price of modifications is approximately 10,000 dollars on a super charger, parts labor and a tune."

Joseph Ferguson works alongside stone and restores classic cars. He is pressured at stop lights to race them.

"Anytime you have a custom car or custom exhaust or anything it gives the younger guys the attitude of wanting to challenge or wanting to race," Ferguson says.

This past weekend a 19 year old was arrested for racing on Loop 281. Residents hope this will help to detour others.

"That it would be teaching or showing the individuals, that are doing the racing, that the local police are not going to let that take place," Echols says.

Longview Police say street racing is illegal throughout Texas and that they do not play with keeping the streets safe.