A Tyler ISD student is okay after suffering a asthma attack on board a school bus Monday.

On the ride home from Robert E. Lee High School Monday, Bailee Joyner’s friends noticed she was struggling to breath.

One of Bailee’s friends, Austin Hanes, said that “she was very out of breath and not with, really.”

When she boarded the bus, Baliee says she knew that there was a problem.

“As soon as I got up the stairs, my chest was like getting tight and it was hard for me to breath.”

Baliee’s friends got the bus driver’s attention who then pulled the bus over and called for help.

Pulled to the side of the road, Bailee’s friends kept her conscious while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Paramedics were able to give Bailee oxygen and a breathing treatment.

Bailee said she is thankful for the paramedics who helped her and the friends who kept her calm.