A home invasion can happen in an instant, and it can catch you by surprise.

CBS 19 teamed up with the Tyler Police Department and a local family, Rudy and Yvonne Wright, to see just how secure their home is.

The Wright's admitted to us, they don't really have a plan.

"I hadn't really sat down and talked with the kids and said ok, you know, where would we go, what would we do?," said Rudy.

Tyler Police Community Response officer, James McCraw, tells us the most common point of entry is the home door.

"If they kicked this [door] in, then this door frame would basically just break off," said McCraw.

The answer, he said, is as easy as replacing the doors screws.

"If you have 3.5 inch screws in there making it harder to get in, you want to delay the person trying to get in," said McCraw.

McCraw said the average household, keeps the regular screws in the door.

Garage doors also tend to be weak links. We found the Wright's garage is actually well protected with an extra security feature. But most homeowners have release cords in their garages, something bad guys can fish for using coat hangers.

A solution is to remove that handle, or use an extra lock feature, like this the Wright's.

If an intruder does eventually make their way into your home. You need a survival plan. Rudy's plan is his weapon.

"It a bad guy kicked down my door, I would want to make sure that he was very distracted with me so that my family could go hide, and then hopefully I can end the threat and no harm could come to any of my loved ones," said Rudy.

Weather or not you have a gun, make it known you are home.

"Maybe a loud alarm, a car alarm... something that would scare them off. Most bad guys don't want to have distractions, they aren't going to be there long," said McCraw.

Then, plan for a safe room in your home -- it can be any room, but it's usually a closet, with no windows, and a secure door.

Officer McCraw says once you or the kids are in that safe room, lock yourself in there and call police.

An eye opening experience, that can make the difference between life and death.