This year alone, hundreds of people have been killed as a result of mass shootings. If you found yourself in an active shooter situation... would you know what to do?

CBS 19 teamed up with Mark Seguin, the founder and CEO of TBG Solutions. Seguin's company focuses on risk management training, which includes active shooter response.

He said when it comes to an active shooter, compliance is not the solution. "We need to do completely opposite of what the shooter says," he said.

Mark uses three intentions: RUN. HIDE. AND FIGHT.

"The reason run is always my best option is because statistics show you’re the most likely to survive an active shooter event if you’re running, moving, or getting around," he said.

Seguin tells us, if you can’t run... hide. Uncovering overhead ceiling panels can serve as a hiding place.

Lastly, if you can’t run or hide... then you’ve got to fight. Seguin said using improvised weapons can buy you time to distract the shooter.

Items like staplers, picture frames, and heavy water bottles can be thrown at the shooter. Sequin said even something as simple as canned food can serve as a weapon.

"A lot of schools in Alabama have a food drive every year, they have the kids bring canned food inside of the classroom… but throughout the year, those are weapons. We would as a team use those to stop that person," he said.

Deciding to fight can mean taking down the shooter. If you manage to do that, take their weapon away. But don’t hold onto it.

"The minute law enforcement comes around the corner, they are pulling the trigger because you look like the threat," said Seguin. "Get rid of that gun, kick it out of your reach... put your hands up... law enforcement needs to feel at ease."

Whatever you have to do... to survive.

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