An East Texas woman is surviving a battle that sadly not everyone wins.

Shelley Calhoun was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. It all started when she found a lump, causing her pain. Shortly after, she found another, and that's when she made a doctor's appointment.

"I had a mammogram in November, and when I felt that, it hadn't even been a year," she said.

Within days, she started chemotherapy.

Living an active lifestyle prior to her diagnoses, she still goes for walks on the treadmill, and tries to live her life as normal as possible.Through this fight her husband Waterson is by her side.

"You know, you hear about it and read about it, and you just never think you're going to go to that doctor's appointment," he said.

Living with the reality, he said he tries to find the good, knowing every day is a little more precious than the last.

Shelley said she's looking forward to a makeup vacation in Cabo San Lucas, but until then, she's making the most of the next 19 weeks.

"It's yucky. It's not fun. I was just telling my husband, 'I don't want to do chemo tomorrow.' That's not how I want to spend my day," she said. "It's just knowing that in the big picture, this is going to be a small time, and it's going to get rid of the cancer."

While Shelley still has chemotherapy treatments left, her nurse said she is indeed a survivor. She and other doctors we spoke with said anyone diagnosed with cancer who lives to tell it are considered survivors.

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