Telling stories is almost second-nature to most people; some stories are harder to tell than others, but after years of silence and abuse, Jana Starks is telling hers.

The abuse started when she was 23, and her abuser, the father of her children, turned what was first a loving home, into a dangerous environment for not only her but her children as well.

Jana endured years of physical, mental and emotional abuse from her children's father until she decided one more bruise was one too many.

She found the courage to do what most don't, and leave, taking her children and never looking back.

She is hoping her story will help others in the same situation to get out while they still can.

If you or someone you know needs help, it’s available – reach out to the East Texas Crisis center.

If you want to remain anonymous, the domestic violence hotline is open 24 hours ---seven days a week, just call 1-800-799-7233