An East Texas woman already battling one disease received another blow in 2016 when she found out she had stage four breast cancer.

But it has not dampened her spirits.

Kandi Adams was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2016 while already living with Myasthenia Gravis, a condition that causes weakeness in her muscles.

Kandi beat the breast cancer and rang the bell in May 2017, but in found out in September she had metastatic breast cancer.

Although Kandi will have to fight this cancer and her MG for the rest of her life, she is not letting it dampen her spirits.

She will continue to live her life day to day attending her sons football and baseball games, and seeing her daughters perform while living her life full of laughter.

Kandi hopes that her willingness to talk about her cancer will help others continue to keep up their spirits while in the same fight.