It's only been one day since the roads were covered in snow and ice.

The city, TxDOT, and first responders working tirelessly the last 24 hours and beyond to keep the wheels rolling.

It’s time to give them some credit.

The city saying they started preparing as soon as there was the potential for some snow. Stockpiling sand and other materials for the roadways.

Then adding extra people to the street crews and changing their shifts to being around the clock, rotating 12-hour shifts.

Things even took a turn for the worst at one point.

A sanding truck breaking down, and even though it was out of commission, the crew wasn’t.

They switched to another truck and started shoveling sand onto the roadways by hand.

Prioritizing the streets as they went with a little bit of help from the police department.

Officers would call and let them know some of the major problem spots they were seeing so they could head there as soon as they were able.

TxDOT crediting the preparedness with experience. Using past experiences to shape their response this time.

Tyler Police Department even using social media to communicate the trouble areas to the people in the city. Jeff Roberts, with the department, the face of it all, posting videos and images to show what was going on.

He also spoke of many moments, of of them being an effort of teamwork between EMS, fire, and the police.

Working to help a woman after she fell and hit her head. Police on the scene providing aid, until a plan could be thought of to get her out of there. The fire trucks and EMS truck could not make it down the hill to her.

Police and firefighters stabilized her and put her in a police unit to take her up the hill. Once up the hill and with EMS she could receive the appropriate aid.