TYLER, Texas - Zed Crossfire is one of the newest attractions to open up in the East Texas area.

The company uses M4 Laser Tag rifles, which according to owner, Brad Robinson offers a unique, realistic laser tag experience.

Robinson says the original idea to open the venue stemmed from a conversation with his children.

"They suggested laser tag and I was like I'm not really into that, but I started looking online and found this tactical laser tag that uses M4," Robinson said. "It's mainly used by the military and by swat teams."

According to the company's website, each player receives a vest, headband and respawn pods, ensuring a fun, fair, and unique experience.

"It's unique, it's different and it's realistic," he added.

Visitors are able to pick from several different game modes or make their own.

The company's website also stating that their software provides a level of creativity and fairness that can't be found with paintball or airsoft.

"It appeals to a lot of people that have been in the military, there's a realism to it, there's recoil to the guns, it's like the Call of Duty come alive," Robinson said.

The venue is also equipped to host parties with an upstairs deck and picnic tables.

Owners are also preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, an event where you can use your laser weapons to fight off waves of zombies.

The Zombie Apocalypse kicks off September 28.

You can find out more about Zed Crossfire, by clicking here.