KYTX - The heat index in parts of East Texas topped 100 degrees. A child left in a hot car can turn into a deadly combination. The Texas Department of Public Safety said parents and anyone taking care of children should never leave a child in car.

There are various reasons children get left in hot cars. Sometimes they've been forgotten, maybe they played in an unattended car or it's intentional. Experts said a car is like a green house, this time of year. In 10 minutes, temperatures can rise more than 20 degrees in a car. That's according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Even with the windows rolled down, they said it still doesn't help. School's out for the summer and parents like Linda Ramos said adults have to be diligent in taking care of their children.

"Be a parent, take care of your kids," Ramos said. "They're precious and may take a little more effort on our parts, but they're worth it in the end."

DPS said there have been times people have been charged with offenses related to endangering a child by leaving them alone in a vehicle. They advise parents and care takers to: always check the back seat, leave a reminder to help ensure your kids out the backseat (like a bag or a lunch).

Studies showed Texas was one of the leading states last year for children dying of a heat stroke from being left alone in a car. The last child in Texas to die in a hot car was June 24, a three year old in Ft. Worth.