City officials, Tyler Police and residents turned the city of Tyler into a party. Tonight several block parties happened with meet and greets between officials and residents.

For years Texans Against Crime parties have helped local police build a stronger relationship with citizens. Tyler Police tell me they are excited to meet the people they serve.

"These events help us meet police and help deter the stigma of bad police officers," Cari Smith says. "We also want our local heroes to know that we care for them."

Tyler Police went to several parties across the city. At Prestigue Estates, police played games with the senior residents.

"I feel safer knowing we have such fine police officers watching over us," Evelyn Godden says. "This officer came out and spent time with us, showing he truly cares."

Many parties had free food, kids activities, games and special guests. Mayor Martin Heines accompanied police to many of tonight's parties.