New warning for Thanksgiving travelers, Texas is ranked as the deadliest state to travel for Thanksgiving.

"ASecurelife.Com" says 48 million people will be traveling this thanksgiving with the vast majority of people driving.

That same site showing three years of traffic data reveals Texas is the most dangerous state and Houston is the most dangerous city to drive through during Thanksgiving.

One family says they drive extra careful because of their new baby.

“Our one year old daughter is all the reason we need to drive safe and watch out for crazy drivers,” Thanksgiving traveler Brandon Parker says.

Triple AAA has some important safety tips to help keep you safe.
always wear your seat belt.

Buckling up can dramatically increase your chance of survival if you have an accident.

Slow down! Driving above the speed limit only endangers your life and those around you.

Finally avoid drowsy driving, you lose perception when you're too tired and dozing off at the wheel,. Which in 2013 along was responsible for 800 deaths.

To learn more about the report and safe driving tips please click here.