The presidential election is almost here, and a Texas restaurant wants to help elect Donald Trump.

The Bellville Cafe in Bellville, TX has decided to change their name to the Trump Cafe. The owner has helped the restaurant gain national attention.

"I will support Donald Trump," Trump Cafe owner Eddie Hawa says. "He will help to bring back jobs and business to the United States."

Eddie Hawa and his wife want made the decision two months ago, and aftertalking to their lawyer, they felt it was the best time to change the name

"This election is very important and we wanted to change thename at the right time," Hawa says. "We need someone business minded like Trump in this country, not someone who want to send us to war."

Hawa immigrated from Jerusalem to America in 1988 and met his wife in Chicago. He is now a legal resident of the United States.

"I lived in Jerusalem would want my country protected just as Mr. Trump is promising, we need strong borders," Hawa says.

People have visited the restaurant from all over the United States. California, Atlanta, GA, Dallas were some of the most recent visitors.

James and Patricia Black live outside Bellville and are glad to see the name change

"If Hilary Clinton were to walk in here, I believe she would say she's in the wrong place," James Black says.

With the strong support of Donald Trump, Hawa is not afraid of any backlash.

"I get my living here, i don't get it from people, i get it from God, God is the one who provides."