The nine justices, that decide the law of the land, made a special appearance in Longview. They held a court session where they looked at two oral arguments, both being actual court cases.

Justices say this gives access to East Texas high school and college students about Texas Supreme Court cases.

"It was really amazing, it was a lot different than what I thought it would look like,” High school student Dylan Throckmorton said. “It was still really eye opening."

Throckmorton is a high school junior, who said he either wants to be a doctor, or lawyer. After hearing and seeing a real court session, he says that choice is easy to make.

Many different colleges’ such as Texas College in Tyler, came to the event. one student says he has a calling to become a lawyer.

"I feel as though we need more African-American men to become lawyers, and I want to fulfill that dream of becoming a lawyer,” Texas College student Christian Gooden said. “I want to be the first generation lawyer in my family.”

After the arguments, Justices took questions from the audience. A high school student asked Justice Eva Guzman if there is a glass ceiling for women in the law profession.

Justice Guzman said with proper training and education there is not glass ceiling, you can achieve anything.