Longview's Habitat for Humanity and Community Healthcore received two massive checks.

Habitat for Humanity was given $100,000 and Community Healthcore received $300,000.

They were awarded the grants through a competitive process with other groups throughout the state.

Habitat for Humanity will use the money toward their veterans home repair program. Community Healthcore is going to target mental illness and outreach for veterans.

"The best way we honor our vets is how we serve them when they are in need," Community Healthcore’s Dr. Stanley Williams says. “You’re talking about a lot of our vets who comeback and have PTSD or other challenges, so we need the resources to outreach to them.”

The Texas Veterans Commission receives grant money through different ways such as donations and state lottery.

Both groups urge anyone who knows of a veteran needing assistance to contact them. Click this link to learn more.