No one knows exactly when the Sewer Cat moseyed into town. Some folks say she was dumped at John Tyler High School as a kitten. Others say maybe she’s always been there and we just weren’t looking hard enough. A few posit that one day she just crawled out of a storm drain.

Some say she sneaks onto the John Tyler campus between classes and steals the lunches of students who misbehave. With her short silver hair and slender frame, she slinks around, almost camouflaged.

Students and teachers might not agree on how the Sewer Cat came to be, or even what her name is, but one thing no one disputes is how much they all love the critter.

The Sewer Cat isn’t an ordinary, run of the mill house cat. No sirree, this kitten spends its days meowingits siren song, luring over unsuspecting John Tyler students. Once they lock eyes, her spell is upon them and they are gripped by an irresistible urge to bring daily offerings of snacks.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Sewer Cat had free run of the campus, with only the renovation construction workers interrupting her routine of basking on the warm asphalt and chasing away clowns trying to float in her sewers.

Teachers and students have been building trust with the kitten; a pair of teachers were even able to pet her on the last day of class before the break. Eventually, they hope to gain her trust and help her find a new home, perhaps at the Career and Technology Center with the veterinary tech students.

For all the commotion of the high school renovations, it is Sewer Cat who has captured the excitement (and hearts) of the students.

She also is affectionately called Tabby or Leon, but Sewer Cat sounds the coolest, so that’s what the students keep calling the little gray scamp.

Every evening as the sun sinks low in the sky and the stars begin to peek out, Sewer Cat slinks back to her storm drain, waiting for whatever adventures the next day will hold.



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