LONGVIEW - It's been rough for Vick Verma. After getting into a car accident, he's on a slow path to a full recovery. He's faced surgery and a series of physical therapy sessions. With more on the way, Verma described the Affordable Care Act as a life-saver.

"The doctors diagnosed me with a broken ankle and broken hip," Verma said.

Verma was looking at bankruptcy because his hospital bill was nearly half a million dollars. Under the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, Verma said his bill was reduced to three thousand-five hundred dollars. He expressed how financial stability is important to him and he won't have to worry about it.

"It gave me peace of mind for the accident," said Verma.

Those who are in favor of the ACA sent videos to US senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, who both represent Texas. The senate drafted the 'Better Care Reconciliation Act 2017' to replace the ACA. CBS 19 reached out to Tracy Vincent the Gregg county GOP chairman. He said it's difficult to to cover Americans with the ACA. He said the previous implientations of 'Obama care', take good features for Trump will put into it the drafted BCRA.

"Hopefully something better for the citizens," Vincent said.

Verma expressed concerns if the ACA is repealed and replaced. The future of healthcare doesn't look bright to him if it is. Verma is left holding on to hope, Cruz and Cornyn will hear him out.