KYTX - It appears the battle to secure or 'repeal and replace' the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, is ongoing. However, East Texans are holding on to hope, whatever happens will tilt in their favor. Steve Crane has a business assisting clients who need social security disability benefits. The people he provides services to are able to sign up for a ACA immediately, instead of waiting up to two years for Medicare.

"The people I represent need health care now," Crane said. "Many people come up to me and say 'Mr. Crane don't give me the check. I just need access to healthcare.'"

Since the ACA was singed, the bill became a financial nuisance according to small business owners like Bill Gambill. Gambill said he's paying triple the amount of premiums and deductibles. He said the government should not be involved in health care and repealing the ACA would be a start.

"Everytime the government is involved in a free-market program it gets expensive," Gambill said.

The future of the current bill is blurry to East Texans like Vick Verma. He depended on the ACA after getting into a car accident. The road to recovery wasn't short. Verma suffered broken bones and has to go through physical therapy. Without the ACA, Verma said his bills would have totaled almost half-a-million dollars.

"I'm not sure why the Republicans and congress and the president want to take away my healthcare," Verma said.

However, Steve Crane said solving healthcare would have to be an effort of Democrats and Republicans.