LONGVIEW - Turning on Green street from Cotton Street isn't a risky deal for most drivers. However, one is probably not driving a big rig or something similar. The Green street bridge, otherwise known as the "Green Street Monster" is known for having trucks getting stuck underneath it. It's almost a common thing to hear, living in Longview.

Last year, 'The Monster' set a record of eating five trucks and it already chomped on three in 2017, so far. The city of Longview said it's done what it could do to solve the problem. City spokesperson Shawn Hara said the street was lowered. It added "about a foot clearance underneath the bridge."

"That's the maximum we can get in a clearance without doing a complete overhaul on the bridge," Hara said.

Since then, the bridge has height barriers. If a truck hits a steel pole, chances are the driver will get stuck. Hara said it's one more warning. "One more advance notice to that driver to say 'this is not where you're supposed to be,'".

Now the street is decked out with signs, warning labels and height barriers. Hopefully, the steel poles will give drivers enough time to respond before 'the Monster' snatches them.

The city of Longview said the bridge can't be lowered or raised because of the train tracks that are on top of it.