LONGVIEW - Inspired by the works of Picasso and Van Gogh, Phyllis Jones created a different way to make art come to life. She showcased her use of bright colors and rhinestones. Since her daughter's death, painting is Jones' way of healing.

"I was so sad but I found myself like other stories, finding myself with a newness in life," Jones said.

Jones called herself a real artist because some of her paintings have sold.

Sally Rathbun was the first person to buy one.

"I think she is a true artist," Rathbun said. "She reminds me of Clementine Hunter."

The Newgate homeless shelter is where Anup Bhendari volunteers his time. Art classes are hosted there. The art exhibit is called 'The Healing Art' project. People had the chance to check out some of the local talent, interact with the artists and learn their stories behind each piece.

"I feel really good when I see the smile on their face," Bhendari said.

For every piece of artwork sold, half the money goes toward Newgate and the other half goes to the artist.