Rusk County officials tell me Saturday afternoon they found Precinct two equipment barn broken into with tools and vehicles stolen. They say thieves stole more than $200,000 worth of road maintenance equipment.

"I think it's crazy, they're stealing stuff and we need our roads fixed," Rusk County resident Crystal Wilson said. “There are potholes everywhere that need to be fixed.”

Official Jeff Rumbo tells us they broke into the barn's backdoor. Then begin stealing as much as they could, even tearing apart the vending machine for change, drinking ice tea out of the fridge, and stealing all the keys to the vehicles.

"They took a truck with a backhoe on a trailer, a pickup truck with a 16 foot trailer, welding machine, cutting rig, hand tools and jacks,” Rumbo said.

Rumbo says so far they recovered the truck with the backhoe on the trailer. Someone found it on the side of a county road and called Rusk County Sheriff deputies.

"If we hadn't got the backhoe back that would have been the biggest heartbreaker,” Rumbo said. “We still have to do the same amount of work, it would just be slower and make our job a lot harder."

Officials tells us they are now putting in special precautions so this incident does not happen again.