This Saturday, thousands of bikers will be riding into Longview for the Rockers, Riders and Ribs event. organizers have planned for live bands, BBQ cook off, and biker events, but with so many bikers coming, will it be safe?

"We have off duty officers and our on duty officers are aware of it and will respond if they need any assistance," Longview Police Officer Kristie Brian says.

In May 2015, Waco, became the scene for one of the biggest and deadliest biker shootings, where police arrested nearly 200 bikers. Officer Brian says they have protocols to make sure this event is safe and family friendly.

Misty Hamilton is the manager at The Bistro in downtown Longview, it will be open on Saturday.

"I've been here 10 years and we haven't experienced any biker rallies, we really just put our trust in Longview PD to take care of everything," Hamilton says.

Over at Roughneck Harley Davidson,General Manager Rob Edwards can't wait for the event, he wants the stigma of bikers to end.

"Those that enjoy motorcycles are doing it for the love of motorcycles, it's a very small percentage that are in clubs, Edwards says. "I don't foresee any kind of problem, whatsoever."

Edwards stressed how much money this event will bring to Longview's economy, any problems would disrupt that.