LONGVIEW - Police were called to a closed Insta-Pawn around two in the morning. When they arrived, while the alleged burglars were still inside. Three teens were involved in this crime; one get-away driver and two would be-thieves. An officer noticed a parked car nearby with no headlights and broken glass from the where the two other suspects entered the building.

Police said at least three handguns were strewn from the from the pawn shop. They told CBS 19 the alarm company was a factor in catching the three, because they could hear voices from the inside.

"It's not unusual for the alarm companies to actually have those alarms," said Kristi Brian, an officer with the Longview police department. "More companies are going with the alarms that have video and audio."

A 17 year old, the driver, was placed behind bars in Gregg county and was charged as an adult for burglary of a building. He admitted to the police, he was promised jewelry if he drove for the two other juveniles. Those two were arrested and brought to the Gregg county attention center.

CBS 19 reached out to the owners of the store and they told them they're 'glad the people responsible were caught.'