Christian Vestal is more than just an adventurous three-year-old, he's a fighter.

He's had nine spinal taps, seven brain lesions where abnormal cells grow masses on the brain, and several other problems.

Currently he's Children's Medical Center of Dallas, with his mom.

"That is our biggest mystery, why he's known as the mystery child of Children's Hospital.” Christian's mom Jessica Jones says.

His mom says this all started in December 2016 at their home in White Oak.

Christian was having neurological issues that were associated with him losing his ability to walk.

For the next year, he has been and out of the hospital.

"They are saying that we could likely be suffering from a brain stem like cancer." Jessica says.

Christian is now going through more tests and will soon be in surgery. His mother says he will have brain surgery in the coming weeks.

Through all of this, Christian still smiles, inspiring others to never lose hope and give up the fight to survive.

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