The new campus rule regarding visitation isn't sitting well with Tyler Junior College students. The guest policy for residence halls requires them to only be in the lobby. It doesn't matter if the guest is a student. To some students, they feel as if they've paid for the wrong-doing another student caused.

Students like Kay'Lin Robinson expressed how they're not pleased with the visitation rule. She expressed how college is a form of 'freedom', however, it's not the case when she wants friends to visit at her dorm.

"When I found this out yesterday, I wanted to turn back around and go home," Robinson said.

School officials said a student was sexually assaulted in a residence hall, around September. The assault wasn't reported a week later in October. Campus police have since issued a security warning for female students. TJC's President, Dr. Mike Metke, immediately suspended resident hall visitation. In a letter sent out to students he said in part:

"This will be in effect until all policies for our residence hall visitation have been thoroughly reviewed."

To students like Marlisa Williams, the guest suspension is something beneficial for them. She said understands how the rule is supposed protect students. Williams expressed how she didn't like people who she didn't know in her dorm.

"Who wants to be in that situation?" Williams asked.

CBS 19 followed up with TJC again and the school responded that campus security is a high priority for its students.