The construction on Toll 49 in Smith County has resulted in quite a bit of loose gravel. Unfortunately for some drivers that used the roadway, that means a cracked windshield and costly repairs.

"I saw a cloud of dust, and then it was like it was raining rocks," said Noid Wilson, who was driving his usual route Thursday night.

Once he started driving, he noticed loose gravel from construction all over the roadway. He said he didn't see any warning signs.

It didn't take long before he heard rocks hitting his windshield.

"I could just see rocks hitting my windshield, and the next thing I'm thinking is, there goes dollar signs," he said.

He was left with multiple cracks, and a bill for $500.

Alex Wood at Glass Doctor in Tyler said he's seen at least a dozen customers this week with damaged windshields from driving on Toll 49.

He said with a high volume of semi-trucks and dump trucks on the road kicking up gravel, it's not surprising.

As far as keeping your car safe, Wood said there's not much you can do.

"There's really nothing you can do to prevent it, other than trying to stay away from all the other construction areas and loose gravel," Wood said.

Colleen Colby with the Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Association said they received dozens of complaints about the road on Friday morning. Workers will be making extra sweeps to help clear the gravel.

Any vehicle damage should be reported to Cody Frick at 956-252-8050. He is responsible for filling out incident reports.