One Tyler mother is taking precautions before taking her children trick-or-treating.

"We stay with them. We go up to the doors with them, one at a time, and we sort of just guide them through the whole process," said Kristi Franks.

She's the mother of three, with a treat expected next year.

From Tyler, she and her family lived in Dallas. Franks and her husband checked to see where offenders lived before heading out to trick-or-treat.

"We had an app that we both used on our phone that would alert us when we were somewhere near the home of a registered offender," Franks said.

Sergeant Darrell Coslin with the Smith County Sheriff's Office said there are 370 registered sex offenders in the county.

According to Texas law, just because someone is a registered sex offender, doesn't mean they cannot pass candy out to your kids. If a sex offender is on probation, they can't partake in trick-or-treating in any way.

"Sex offenders are not allowed to leave their residence on Halloween night. They are not allowed to decorate or advertise in any way. They are not allowed to have their lights on. They cannot issue candy, or open the door," Coslin said.

If you want to find out where sex offenders live in your area, you can find out on the Department of Public Safety's website.